The 6 best finance newsletters to subscribe to right now

Let’s be real: we receive far too many emails every day. But there may be one or two that you actually look forward to receiving. For us, it’s our favorite finance email newsletters. Whether they make us laugh, reflect, or learn something new, it’s always a delight to see them in our inboxes.

What do you look forward to getting in your inbox? Probably things that you’ve subscribed to on purpose

So if you’re looking for new finance content, we’ve already done the sourcing work for you. Thanks to input from the CFO Connect community, we’ve got an excellent list of finance newsletters to subscribe to today for insights, inspiration, connection, and of course the latest finance news.

Note: the newsletters in the list below mostly focus on company or corporate finance, although a couple discuss the stock market and investments/investing from time to time.

Why these finance newsletters?

The best email newsletters out there teach us something new or provide interesting insights. Even better if they can deliver context around a complex subject or make us consider another point of view.

What’s special about this list of newsletters is that these suggestions were submitted by CFOs and finance leaders themselves. We asked top finance leaders about their email reading material, and they delivered. 

If actual finance professionals find them informative and useful, then who are we to argue? You can trust that their suggestions are valuable and relevant.

Thanks to input from the CFO Connect community, we’ve got an excellent list of finance newsletters to subscribe to today. 

We asked real CFOs what content they enjoy reading, and their top-rated results are below. This means that the newsletters below are written by finance professionals and recommended by finance leaders. So without further ado, here they are!

1. Finance Flash - CFO Connect

CFO Connect is a global community of finance professionals, powered by Spendesk

Their mission? “CFO Connect brings together experienced finance professionals to learn, exchange, and build meaningful connections both online & offline through events, expert resources, and curated networking opportunities.”

The CFO Connect email newsletter includes global finance job openings, webinar replays, community member spotlights, and more. 

You don’t have to be a member of the CFO Connect community to receive the newsletter – but of course the community is a great place for finance professionals to meet, share, and learn from each other.  

Number of subscribers: 10,000+

Target: Global finance professionals

Industry: All

Delivery: Monthly

Cost: Free

Subscribe here:

2. CFO Secrets 

In Secret CFO’s own words, the purpose of his newsletter is to: 

  1. Share the insight you need to become a top CFO. From the trenches, not the textbooks.

  2. Make you smile

Over 10,000 finance professionals receive this newsletter each week, among them top talent from Apple, Google, the Big Four, JP Morgan, and more prestigious companies. Secret CFO (identity, alas, still secret) infuses a dose of humor into his approachable and easy-to-digest content.

He shares his best insights gained by years’ worth of experience as a finance leader and CFO of billion-dollar businesses. His newsletter is a quick and snappy five-minute read, and he provides practical skills and advice – something he wishes he had had while on his path to CFO. 

Number of subscribers: 10,000+

Target: Finance professionals on the CFO path

Industry: All

Delivery: Weekly

Cost: Free

Subscribe here: 

3. The SaaS CFO 

As the title implies, Ben Murray’s newsletter focuses on information and tips for finance leaders at SaaS companies. He shares content about SaaS and Excel as well as forecasting and budgeting.

Ben’s an experienced CFO with multiple credentials to boot: an MBA, CPA, plus he’s a financial coach and teaches SaaS finance courses.

The goal of his newsletter is to share his “passion for financial performance, SaaS/subscription metrics, forecasting, and SaaS operations.” 

His content is tailored to those in the SaaS industry, and he even fosters a community of SaaS professionals in all roles, among other perks. By signing up for the newsletter, you’ll be able to access his Excel models and forecasts for your own use.

Number of subscribers: 40,000+

Target: Finance leaders

Industry: SaaS

Delivery: Once or twice a month

Cost: Free

Subscribe here: 

4. OnlyCFO

OnlyCFO (their chosen alias, true identity still unknown) writes about finance, SaaS, ops, startups, and public company learnings. After gaining a following through their popular Twitter threads, they decided to start a finance newsletter.

And the newsletter is proving to be as wildly popular as their Twitter! OnlyCFO regularly engages with readers in the comments, and has built a strong and lively community. And the proof is in the pudding – readers shared their appreciation in a few comments on a recent newsletter article:

“As a SaaS seller I found this article both helpful and cathartic [...] Every CRO should read this. Keep up the good work!” - Andy

“This is amazing content. As a B2B SaaS Finance leader I resonate with everything you've said and taken some pointers on questions to ask for our next renewal.” - Naga

“This is absolutely phenomenal content.” - Elena

Target: SaaS and finance professionals

Industry: Mostly SaaS and startups

Delivery: Weekly-ish

Cost: Paid and free options, up to $10/month

Subscribe here:

5. CFO Brew 

CFO Brew is brought to you by the same team that’s behind the Morning Brew podcast network and digital media company. They also send out a suite of other newsletters that range from HR and healthcare to marketing and tech.

CFO Brew specializes in content around “the latest news and analysis of trends shaping the ever-changing world of global finance.”

They follow what’s going on in the finance sphere, especially as it pertains to leadership. The newsletter explores subjects such as banking, accounting, budgeting, corporate governance, compliance, digital transformation, risk management, tech, and much more.

There’s something for everyone in the CFO Brew newsletter!

Target: Corporate finance professionals and leaders

Industry: All

Delivery: Three times a week

Cost: Free

Subscribe here:

6. Mostly Metrics

CJ Gustafson, current tech CFO, sends out a weekly newsletter about financial metrics and business models. He offers free and paid versions of the newsletter, and explains the difference between the two:

  • Tuesday — metrics + benchmarks + interviews. Free for everybody.

  • Thursday — compensation trends + reader Q&A + career advice (mistakes I’ve made) + deep dives for people who want to upskill on specific finance topics. Exclusive to Paid subscribers.

CJ focuses on startup SaaS metrics, forecasting, equity, dilution, and fundraising. He offers advice and considers his newsletter to be a playbook of what he wishes he’d learned earlier in his career.

Both his free and paid content delves deep into relevant topics for finance leaders. He relies on data to back up and illustrate his points, hence the metrics part of Mostly Metrics.

Here’s a recent reader comment: “Thought this was one of the best articles yet! A great combination of some metrics and charts that are easy to understand at first glance and convey a really powerful concept. Short and to the point without leaving the reader with any big additional questions. Well done, as always : )”

Number of subscribers: 25,000+

Target: Finance professionals

Industry: All

Delivery: Weekly

Cost: Free, with a paid option 

Subscribe here:

Subscribe to these finance newsletters today

There you have it! A list of six excellent newsletters that deliver news and insights finance professionals actually want to read.

So don’t wait – sign up for the ones that speak to you and enjoy fresh new insights from trusted voices in the finance leadership community.

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