HR integrations: How to connect spend management & payroll tools


Efficiency is the name of the game for smart, modern businesses. You need to save time and streamline outdated processes, so you can focus on what matters most and stay ahead in a volatile market.

Spendesk's latest integration with over 40 leading HR tools answers this need. The integration seamlessly connects Spendesk to your people management system, freeing HR and finance teams from tedious, manual administrative tasks. 

Read on to discover all the benefits of this new HRIS integration.

The challenge: disconnected expense and payroll management

Most companies consider spend management and payroll to be entirely separate systems. They’re handled in distinct tools by different teams, with little consideration for how each impacts the other. Which makes sense, in principle. 

But there’s still the ongoing challenge of keeping both systems up to date. When team members join the company, they need to spend just like everyone else. And when they leave, they must quickly be removed from your expense systems. 

The traditional process is cumbersome: 

  • Human resources staff welcome new hires and enter their details in an HR tool

  • HR assigns them a manager (and/or direct reports) and collects their phone number, address, and bank account details

  • They pass the names to finance, who then create a Spendesk profile (or your chosen spend management system)

  • Finance also needs to assign a team (and team budget), and enter their phone number, address, and bank account details

The process isn’t difficult, but with large teams it can be incredibly time-consuming. And the more repetitive data entry involved, the greater the chances of mistakes.

It’s bad enough with individual employees, but this system just doesn’t scale

The solution: integrate HR and expense management tools

The simple way to avoid double data entry (and the errors this brings) is to connect your core tools together. The Spendesk HRIS integration ensures that your HR tool of choice remains the one source of truth for employee information. Keep those records up to date, and your team structure and user profiles in Spendesk will be too. 

No need to manually add, edit, or remove users. Spendesk integrates with leading HRIS platforms like Personio, HiBob, Workday, Bamboo HR, Payfit, Lucca, Deel, and 30 other top providers.

The benefits of HRIS integration:

  • Automated onboarding and offboarding: New employees are seamlessly integrated into Spendesk, while former employees are automatically removed — without any manual work.

  • Real-time updates: Changes to employee data such as email address, name and bank details sync in real time between your HR tool and Spendesk, to ensure consistent data management.

  • Flexibility and customisability: We’ll help you set up Spendesk to mirror your company (and HR tool) structure. Users are automatically assigned the correct manager and team budget from which to spend — however you’ve designed it internally.

  • Suits existing customers and new: New customers get incredibly fast set up and onboarding to Spendesk, and current customers ensure their data is accurate and up to date.

How to set up the HR integration

Implementing the HR integration is quick and easy. You’ll need admin access to both Spendesk and your HR tool, as well as a basic understanding of the current onboarding processes of both systems.

Once the integration is active, all new employees will be automatically integrated into Spendesk — whether they are new or existing Spendesk customers. 

Please note: You can still create members manually if necessary. This includes freelancers and external accountants who are not in your HR tool, or other exceptional cases.

You can find more details about the setup, requirements, and further information in our Help Center article.

Why finance teams love this update

Plenty of Spendesk customers already use and benefit from the HR integration. And while the most obvious advantage is time saved, it’s the peace of mind that really brings joy.

Alec Ball from SaaS company Duco explains just how valuable this connection has been to him and his team: 

“With our previous expenses tool, we would have to add and remove people manually, and juggle limited licenses. That was a lot of admin work and a lot of time wasted. 

“We know how well it’s going [with Spendesk] because there’s hardly any noise around the integration. I get a notification from time to time that a new person has joined our Spendesk account, and I didn’t even realise we had a new joiner. They’re added automatically.”

I would advise others to explore all the features that Spendesk offers. Every integration is another efficiency gain for us.

Alec Ball, Part Financial Accountant at Duco

For Alec, the more embedded into Duco’s finance stack a tool like Spendesk becomes, the more value it adds.

Free your finance team managing employee data

The Spendesk HR integration gives you an efficient solution for managing employee spend and data. Fast employee onboarding and offboarding, automatic real-time data updates, and reduced manual labour all lead to smarter data management and an improved employee experience. 

By automating processes and minimising manual steps, you not only save time but also minimise errors. And most importantly, it’s one more menial task off your plate.

Be like Duco! Take the next step towards automated data management today by scheduling a demo with our experts.

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