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How Blissim improves employee autonomy and automates reconcilliation

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Benoît Leguay, Finance Manager

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Since Blissim (ex-Birchbox) started using Spendesk in March 2016, expense management has become incredibly agile. The finance team doesn't waste time any more, and the employees are free to do their best work. Read his testimony.

What are your daily challenges?

My daily challenges are to retrieve and report the most reliable financial information possible, within very tight deadlines. I also have to be attentive and collect information that's not necessarily financial, but that can have an impact on Blissim's finances.

With my team, we're also in charge of analysing budgets, margin levels, monitoring profitability, and delivering monthly reports to our investment fund following the change in shareholder structure at the end of 2019.

The ultimate goal of our department is to help plan the company's strategy in a sustainable way. And as part of this, we also work to evangelize the financial culture within the company.

What was expense management like before Spendesk?

At the time, we used classic credit cards provided by our bank. And then we had to process a statement with hundreds of lines at the end of each month.

It was up to the accounting team to retrieve all the receipts and reconcile them with each line of the statement. In other words, we were wasting an enormous amount of time, because we only had three credit cards for the entire company, and it was often very difficult to recover all the receipts.

Why did you choose Spendesk?

What really convinced us was the ease of use and the fact that Spendesk simplifies life for both the accounting and operational teams.

The operational teams (Marketing, Tech, Sales) have easy access to payment methods when they need them. They are way more autonomous because everyone can access their Spendesk account and simply make purchases according to predefined limits.

In accounting, our daily work is clearly simplified: retrieving receipts, processing expenses, reconciling, etc. All this is now done automatically.

In fact, we recently carried out a survey among our employees, and Spendesk is really a tool that everyone appreciates. It's impressive!

What are the advantages?

The big advantages are time saved and the easy ability to track daily expenses, centralized on the platform.

In addition, since we use Spendesk, we have far fewer expense reports to process. We've provided Spendesk physical cards to the managers, the CEO and the CTO, and all internet purchases are made with Spendesk virtual cards and are processed on the platform. It's really simple! We also kept the expense report tab in the platform for when employees have expenses to do but don't have a physical card. For example during photo shoots, or for the welcome lunches of new employees.

Any added bonuses?

Yes, there are several.

First, the fact that you can associate an accounting number with each receipt and reconcile every payment directly in Spendesk in just one click. This saves us a lot of time in accounting, because all we have to do is export the data. So there's way less manual data entry.

The export function is also great! It allows me to export all the data from Spendesk directly into my accounting tool.

And finally, the automatic reminders for "bad users" who have not yet uploaded their receipts - they're really nice. Thanks to this, we recover on average 75% of the receipts we were missing.

Is the support team helpful?

Yes, as soon as we have a question, the Chat support system is very practical and we get an answer very quickly. We also love communicating with the Spendesk team. You're always looking to improve the software and really take into account user feedback.

Spendesk for you is...

An easy way to digitize the accounting function. It's easy to set up and super convenient. For people who are used to classic credit cards, and who arrive at Blissim, Spendesk is a bit of a life changer!

Plus it's really a super intuitive tool - both the web platform and the mobile application. Everything is quick and easy!

It's important to say when you like a product. And at Blissim everyone loves Spendesk.

Benoît LeguayFinance Manager

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