Summer 2020 Product Wrap-Up

Chloé Lecerf

Published on July 22, 2020


Summer is here! Needless to say we’re all looking forward to seeing loved ones and mother nature wherever possible.

These past few months, we’ve been lucky to work remotely across the globe, to help businesses better control their spending. Many long term projects within Spendesk were released, to provide even more value for our dear finance teams and employees.

This product update will be a wrap-up of the best features we’ve rolled out to provide you with more control, smarter cards and more comprehensive all-in-one spend management. So get ready for a roller coaster ride!

Starting with the coolest company cards on the market…

Spendesk cards - smarter, safer, and more customizable

Our smart company cards now let you set monthly budgets, spending limits, specific rules and categories, as well as authorized days & hours in which to spend.

Virtual cards are now accessible wherever you are

Single-use virtual cards can now be generated right from your Spendesk mobile app. Need to buy something online? You know where to go.

Collecting 100% of company receipts becomes a no-brainer

Created to ease the lives of hard working accountants, the new Play By the Rules guidelines help employees keep track of which receipts need to be attached, and enforces good habits of submitting receipts regularly.

If the rules you set are not followed and the limit of missing receipts is exceeded, employees temporarily lose access to Spendesk cards until they provide what’s missing to unlock themselves.

Spendesk - becoming the all-in-one solution you dream of

We’ve made a few other smaller (but no less important) updates to respond to some of your specific requests.

Safer employee login experience

Starting with how employees access Spendesk through secure single sign-on like Google and Microsoft or top SAML-based SSO providers listed below.

Faster employee reimbursements by wire transfer

You might already know our end-to-end fully automated expense management experience. We’ve added wire transfers within Spendesk for you to easily reimburse employees when needed.

Watch how simple it is now to reimburse employees in bulk all while staying in the same tool.

Introducing a new flow to manage your invoices

Discover a better way to track and pay invoices with an improved invoice interface. We hope you will enjoy this new navigation experience within Spendesk.

Bookkeeping in Spendesk with third party accounts

Bookkeeping expense claims or supplier invoices just got smarter with new employee and supplier accounts in your accounting settings.

Simply input the codes you use to track accounts payable in your accounting system in Spendesk, and let accounting automation take care of the rest!

How finance leaders are dealing with today’s new set of challenges

Our CFO Connect community is full of talented, experienced finance professionals. Here are some of the latest and greatest insights from the CFO network:

  1. Beyond Equity: The Full Range of Startup Financing Instruments by Julius Bachmann

  2. Tom Parkinson: Leading Finance for an Impact-Driven Startup

Keen to join the CFO Connect community? Join us here!

Sharing is caring

At Spendesk, we think it’s important to take a step back and read all of our customer reviews on software reviews websites. Through this, we’ve learned how each and every person who uses Spendesk feels about the solution, where they see value, and where our tools can be improved.

To thank those customers who took the time to share their experiences, we made this special video:

Thanks again to all of you for helping us make Spendesk everything it is.

Discover how Habito uses Spendesk

Habito is an online mortgage broker and lender. Sourcing from a network of over 90 lenders, it developed its own lending platform from scratch to help borrowers get a mortgage in just a few weeks.

Habito also manages more than 60 subscriptions via Spendesk recurring virtual cards and has all-but-eliminated its tired company cards.

Aaron Townsend, Financial Controller at Habito explains how the team managed to save 2 days per month using Spendesk as one of their key partners in the finance function.

Discover the testimonial

Our brand new website

Finance teams are often the last to get fun, new toys. We’re on a mission to change that, and to eliminate all those tedious, painful tasks you’ve had to put up with for too long.

Our new website reflects this mission. It’s bright, colorful, and highlights all the ways that finance teams can improve their processes.

We hope you like the new look. And while you’re there, have a look at our detailed new product pages, to see the full range of ways that Spendesk can help you conquer spending.

We hope you enjoy a hard-earned summer break

And since this is a summer newsletter... If anyone ever tells you managing company money is a hassle, tell them Spendesk makes finance admin feel like a day at the beach:

Enjoy the summer, stay safe, and see you in September!