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Need a Divvy alternative? Get more done with Spendesk

Spendesk is a comprehensive suite of spend management and accounting software tools built into an all-in-one platform. Track your spend and empower your employees with budgeting controls and expense reporting that delivers 100% visibility into company financial trends.


Spendesk. Perfect for every team.

  • Everything where you need it

    Make financial management easy for approvers and overseers.

  • Flexible and scalable

    From startups to small businesses, Spendesk grows with you.

  • Transactions as they happen

    Get 100% real-time visibility on company spend.

Spendesk & Divvy: Side-by-side comparison

Get unlimited corporate cards, user-friendly data visualization, and native integrations all in one place with one of the best Divvy alternatives on the market.

Corporate Cards & Payments
Unlimited physical & virtual cards
Credit card applications & line of credit
Pre-approvals for employee cards
Complete Spend Control
Set & deploy default rulebook for all spend
Real-time, custom budgets & spend policies
Budget controls
Automated & manual spend management tools
Mobile app for Android and iOS
Fast & comprehensive spend analytics
Preparatory Accounting & Other Integrations
Manage Travel Expenses
Multi-currency support
Trip & flight expense management
Customer Care

Spend management for midsize businesses

Give your business a flexible platform that can grow and expand as your needs evolve.

Multi-level approvals

Real-time reporting

Custom spending rules

Centralized subscriptions

Expense policies

End-to-end audit trail

Budget tracking

Spending insights

Payment reconciliation

Fraud security

Receipt matching

Travel automation

Comprehensive and intuitive expense management software

If you’ve used an ERP like SAP or a similar budget management solution in the past, you know how difficult it can be to manage your finances in one place. Some accounting tools only handle asset management, forcing you to rely on procurement or invoicing software to handle receivables and accounts payable. Spendesk consolidates all of your expense management in one place so that finance teams have a single source of truth for all company transactions.

Better control over approvals and expense tracking

Want to see how your money is flowing? Spendesk provides granular control and clear visibility over every transaction made from our account. From controller to manager to employee, every transaction has a clear chain of custody that is entirely visible and can be easily tracked, so it’s easy to find out where the money went, who spend it, and why the translation was initiated in the first place.

Automated receipt matching and expense reimbursement

Finances teams are always busy, and automation tools can help to alleviate the workload and tedium that comes with essential paperwork. Using automated receipt managing and expense reimbursement tools, teams can have employees submit receipts to Spendesk and have the platform automatically match them with outstanding invoices and approve payouts. It’s fast, easy, and saves time when trying to manage and approve hundreds of daily transactions.

Flexible workflows that work with your team

Some employees and projects will fall outside the regular scope of your business operations. A project management solution might not be on an approved spending list, or employees might need to purchase provider services that aren’t part of your spending rulebook. If that happens, Spendesk can handle it. Employees can request permission and seek approvals when they need to purchase items that fall outside of the standard spending policy. Approvers are notified and can approve these exceptions in real time without needing to adjust the standard spending policy that governs all transactions.

Level up your financial management with Spendesk

Learn how Spendesk’s fast and easy approval flow reduces workloads for finances teams while ensuring spend control and financial accountability across your entire company.


The most frequently asked questions about Spendesk and Divvy.

The clearest difference between Spendesk and Divvy is a big one: Divvy credit cards are actual credit cards, which require a soft credit check and a review of your FICO score.

On the other hand, Spendesk is a financial management platform that sits between your bank and your accounting software tools. To use Spendesk, you’ll transfer money from your bank account to your Spendesk account via ACH, credit card, or wire transfer.

However, all Spendesk corporate cards are linked to that prepaid account. We don’t run credit checks when new cards are generated. We also don’t require a personal guarantee for any kind of funding or impact credit scores in any way for individual cardholders.

If you don’t need a line of credit and you want to control all aspects of employee spend, Spendesk is one of the best alternatives to Divvy on the market today.

Get pricing details and learn more by contacting a Spendesk expert today.

While many of our competitors (Brex, Ramp, Expensify, Emburse Certify, Pleo, etc.) offer similar solutions like corporate debit cards or automated approval tools, Spendesk is focused on delivering 100% visibility into company spend.

Our mission is to ensure that your finance team can manage and track transactions at a granular level. We offer flexible spend controls, automated approval tools, and intuitive dashboards so that finance managers can better understand and accommodate company spending needs.

Most importantly, our platform ensures that all your spend happens in one place, rather than across multiple systems or software tools. From finance managers to employees in the field, everyone can use Spendesk to manage transactions, submit expenses, and dispense funds.

Yes! Spendesk invoicing (coming soon to the US) is used by thousands of finance teams to save time and money by helping to manage all cash flow from a single platform.

With Spendesk, you can approve and view live budgets, gain full visibility over ongoing commitments, and use automation tools to match and pay invoices with ease.

This is also important to note because Divvy is a company.

Currently, Spendesk is available in the European Economic Area (including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark) and in the United States.

Users can create their wallets with currencies in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Pound (£), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), and Swedish Krone (SEK).

Take control of your finances

Get everything you need all in one place with Spendesk.

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Last updated: 15 July 2022