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Need an alternative to Ramp? Get more done with Spendesk

Get more out of every dollar with an expense management solution that helps you control corporate spend, automates accounting processes, and scales with your team.


Bring the power of Spendesk to your organization

  • Control

    Bring flexibility and scalability to your bookkeeping process.

  • Automation

    Control your spend using automatic approval processes and preset spending rules.

  • Visibility

    Get clear insight on spending at every level and in real time.

Spendesk & Ramp: Side-by-side comparison

Issue purchasing cards, manage bill payments, and gather expense reports with a spend management platform that finance teams love.

Secure payments
Unlimited prepaid corporate cards
Unlimited virtual cards for online payments
Pre-approval for employee payments
Spend management & control
Per-card and per-individual spend rules
Manual approval overrides for transactions
Preparatory accounting
Manage travel expenses
On-the-go employee expense reimbursements
Instant, digitized expense reports
Currency conversions

Scale faster with Spendesk

Give your business a flexible platform that can grow and expand as your needs evolve.

Multi-level approvals

Centralized subscriptions

Real-time reporting

Custom spending rules

Receipt matching

Budget tracking

End-to-end audit trail

Spending insights

Travel automation

Manage out of policy spend with financial controls that work for your team

Tired of dealing with out-of-pocket spends and chasing down information about employee transactions? Spendesk solves all of these problems by helping you create a rulebook that normalizes employee spending and leverages automation for fast and easy spend control. But even with a rulebook, there are always exceptions. Spendesk solves this with functionality that enables finance teams to authorize exceptions to the rules without changing the overlying spend policy.

Pre-approve spend and minimize lightning-fast receipt capture

Everyone hates paying out of pocket, but it can be a necessity if there are no other options available. When that happens, employees can instantly submit all receipts and requested information through the Spendesk mobile app. From there, your finance team can instantly approve the transaction and dispense funds back to employees. It’s fast, easy, and, most importantly, it all happens in one place — alongside the rest of your corporate spend.

Expense management software that scales with your team

The financial needs of a business grows as the business scales. Startups and small businesses might limit approved spending to a handful of individuals, but larger companies won’t have that option. Spendesk allows you to create different sets of rules and categorizations for different individuals and apply them in real time. This allows financial teams to use the same centralized system to manage transactions, whether they’re coming from a procurement officer or an outside sales representative.

Approve and track expenses anywhere, anytime

Depending on whether your team is traveling, working exclusively in the field, or using online services to get work done, it makes sense to have workflows and spend policies that work for them. Spendesk offers a flexible expense management system that includes unlimited physical and virtual cards, trackable subscription management, and other great financial tools that keep your finance team in the driver’s seat. That way, no matter how your team works, you’re always in control.

Discover unparalleled financial flexibility with Spendesk

See how Spendesk’s all-in-one platform approach is changing the game for teams just like yours.


The most frequently asked questions about Spendesk and Ramp.

Ramp is a great tool if you’re looking for corporate cards and set-it-and-forget-it spending rules. For example, if you want to set card limits to $500, set transaction limits at $100, and issue a no-exceptions policy, Ramp cards might be the right fit.

Unfortunately, most companies need a little more financial control — and that’s where Spendesk shines. While offer a variety of corporate cards (physical and virtual), our focus is on full visibility into your financial infrastructure. Our financial controls will give you key insights about team and individual spend while empowering your finance team to set limits that make sense on a user-specific level.

Between our cards, app, and centralized platform, we help companies account for spend and close their books with minimal hassle and maximum ease of use.

While many of our competitors offer similar solutions like corporate debit cards or automated approval tools, Spendesk is focused on delivering 100% visibility into company spend.

Our mission is to ensure that your finance team can manage and track transactions at a granular level. We offer flexible spend controls, automated approval tools, and intuitive dashboards so that finance managers can better understand and accommodate company spending needs.

Most importantly, our platform ensures that all your spend happens in one place, rather than across multiple systems or software tools. From finance managers to employees in the field, everyone can use Spendesk to manage transactions, submit expenses, and dispense funds.

No. Spendesk sits between your bank and your accounting software tools as a financial management platform for all your business expenses. You’ll transfer money from your bank account to Spendesk via ACH, credit card, or wire transfer. From there, you can allocate funds as you see fit across your business.

Because all of our corporate cards are prepaid, we don’t run credit checks when new cards are generated. We also don’t require a personal guarantee for any kind of funding or impact credit scores in any way for individual cardholders.

Currently, Spendesk is available in the European Economic Area (including Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, & Denmark) and in the United States.

Users can create their wallets with currencies in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Pound (£), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), and Swedish Krone (SEK).

Better spend control for your business

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Last updated: 23 June 2022