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Part-time CFOs and Consultants

Benefit from the market leading business expense management solution for you and your clients, as well as 100% exclusive offers.

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Become a trusted Spendesk partner

Functionalities adapted to your needs and those of your clients

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Interfacing with accounting tools

Synchronise Spendesk with your favourite accounting tools and export financial data in just a few clicks, at any time.

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Centralize accounting data

Collaborate easily with your clients and get a global view of expense data from a single dashboard, in real time.

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Simplification and automation

Forget about tedious tasks like collecting receipts, manual reconciliation and assigning accounting codes. Spendesk automates all this and more!

Spendesk support

Customised Customer Support

Benefit from a dedicated team to support your customers and staff, as well as access to your partner interface, training tools and marketing materials.

Part-time CFOs & Consultants recommend Spendesk


Stanislas Hauchard, CFO @Lisan Finance


Virginie Rueda, Finance Manager @MWM

La Ruche qui dit Oui Logo

Gaëlle Laudet, Management controller @La Ruche Qui Dit Oui

Aymeric Bordet Acting

Aymeric Bordet, Part-time CFO @Agicap

Lisan Finance

Spendesk is a real added value for the qualitative management of our clients' current expenses. The expense management process is smoother and the recorded data is more usable. This makes financial management really effective.


Everything is going well with Spendesk. The employees who use it regularly are delighted! A fast, simple and efficient tool, for them as well as for me.

La Ruche Qui Dit Oui

Thanks to Spendesk we have gone from 50% to less than 5% of missing invoices at the end of the month. This allows me to save a lot of time to focus on the important tasks.

Acting Finance

The balance that Spendesk brings us between control from the administrative and financial team and the autonomy of the employees is really ideal!

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