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Make the switch to smart, trackable spending

Spendesk is powerful spend management software that helps businesses take control of spending.


A single source of truth for all company spending

  • Centralised control

    Remove the hassle from work trips. No more wasted time on reconciliation, no lost receipts, and no more expense reports!

  • Secure payments

    Manage online spending securely with Spendesk virtual Mastercards and approval workflows. Issue physical Mastercards to travelling employees for use on the road and collect receipts with the Spendesk app.

  • Automated expense reports

    Automated receipt & invoice follow-up for all employee payments. Save countless hours on payment reconciliation and stop wasting time on tedious manual tasks. Every payment is logged, and every receipt stored safely.

  • Easy invoice processing

    Process and pay invoices alongside all your other expenses, where they belong. Employees simply upload invoices into the Spendesk platform to be approved by their manager and processed by finance.

The all-in-one spend management platform

Before Spendesk, people were entering expenses in a Google Sheets template. These days, they can just spend as they go and capture a picture with the app. So both in terms of efficiency and freedom and trust, we’ve been able to take a really big step forward.

Tom LibbrechtFinance Manager, Silverfin

Switch to smart, 
trackable spending