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How Wonderbly got to more than 90% 
of invoices retrieved

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Before Spendesk, how did you manage payments at Wonderbly?

We were sharing four credit cards between all the employees, who could borrow them to make online purchases. It was not the most secure option and we were exposed to fraud. For offline payments, many employees were using their personal credit cards and writing up expense claims, which meant more paperwork for me and the accounts team. Too many invoices were missing at the end of each month and I had to sit with each employee for 30 minutes to gather all their invoices! We decided to explore different solutions and tried Barclay's virtual cards first but they were often blocked and sometimes employees were unable to log in for days at a time for no reason. It wasn't user friendly at all.

And now?

We use Spendesk virtual cards for all our online expenses and to manage subscriptions. An employee makes a request in Spendesk, it's approved by their team leader and they then get access to a prepaid virtual card. It's easy to use so employees are happy with it and I get positive feedback from the team. We also provided the various departments with four physical cards and it has drastically reduced expense claims. It's a big timesaver for me and the employees, and it's a great improvement compared to our previous process. Now I can gather more than 90% of invoices automatically. I particularly appreciate the fact that I can manage purchase requests, payment methods and invoice reconciliation through one single system. Using prepaid cards is also much more secure, I can hand them out to our employees without having to worry. I'm really happy with how quickly Spendesk answers my questions, whether big or small.

Spendesk is a big timesaver for me and everyone using it, and it's a great improvement compared to our previous process.


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