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How Newzoo puts automation at the heart of finance

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Martynas Newzoo

Martynas Ivanovas, Financial Accountant

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Newzoo Newzoo is the world’s leading provider of games and esports analytics. With over a decade of market expertise, Newzoo is proud to help some of the most successful entertainment, technology, and media companies around the world, such as EA, Bloomberg, PepsiCo, Vodafone, target their audience, track competitors, increase brand awareness, spot opportunities, and make strategic and financial decisions. Newzoo’s product portfolio includes the Global Games and Global Esports Market Reports, proprietary Consumer Insights profiling consumer behavior and preferences in 32 key markets across the globe, Newzoo Pro, Expert and Consulting.


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Market intelligence for the games and esports markets

Main challenges

  • Wasted time on slow and tedious expense management tasks
  • Processes that other team members couldn’t easily adopt
  • Countless software subscriptions with no clear way to track ownership
  • Unnecessary extra work for office managers and finance


  • Automating finance processes to save significant time
  • Tracking software subscriptions with virtual cards online
  • Expense automation to simplify employee claims
  • Monitoring approvals with dedicated software

Key results

  • Massive reduction in manual data entry and processing
  • More time for value-adding finance work
  • Simple systems that teammates understand and enjoy
  • Clear audit trail of key financial information

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