Product Update: January 2020
Claire Boisseau

Published on January 31, 2020


BIG things are coming your way in 2020! Keep reading to discover January goodies.

More visibility over your company spending

Access information that matters most so you can keep track of and control your spending even faster.

New updates give you the full overview of your company spending, and put every new transaction in context.

Controllers now have full visibility over all company requests

In the Requests tab, Spendesk users with the controller role can see all requests and can check any requests waiting for approval, to help plan company budgets and monitor their Spendesk cashflow.

This update is already live, so controllers can test it out right now!

The Expense Claims module now has a dedicated tab and a new workflow

Review and reimburse employees expense claims on Spendesk easily with this two-step flow:

  • Step 1: Review
    Once a manager approves an expense claim, the finance team has a dedicated place where they can either validate or reject the expense claim according to company spending policy.

  • Step 2: Pay

Pick the expense claims to reimburse and download a .csv or XML SEPA file to automatically execute the transfers via online banking.

Plus, for a better audit trail, you now have access to the full history of expense claims including what has been reimbursed, when, and by whom.

We currently rolling out this exciting feature to all our customers!

Speaking of history, we’ve also enriched top-up records to now display the details of the request’s approver on a physical card.

New per diem trip summary document

Special update for business teams in Germany: you may have heard that per diems are now integrated directly into the Spendesk platform! Managing employees’ per diem allowances is now fast, easy, and compliant. Carpe per diem with Spendesk 🥨

To continue improving this new module and help you comply with German accounting best practices, we are now generating pdf documents for all per diem allowances. These documents will contain a breakdown of the trip taken, information about the person who requested the allowance, as well as the request's description and any custom fields.


We’ve also released product improvements regarding the Spendesk physical cards to continue to streamline your company’s on-the-go spending.

Purple is The New Black

First, fresh new plastic card packaging

Ta-da, check out your new card! All new Spendesk cards now come in gorgeous new packaging. This just makes the moment when you open the envelope even more magical✨

Feast your eyes on this:

Then, faster card activation with the Spendesk mobile app

Once you receive the card, you can activate it directly from the Spendesk mobile app. It just takes two easy steps:


Pay. Snap the receipt. That’s it!

Business travel is easier than ever with the powerful combination of your Spendesk card and our mobile app. Requesters instantly receive mobile notifications to guide them through the easy payment process.

And to make receipt collection easy, the app notifies the spender immediately after payment, inviting them to upload a photo of the receipt and attach it to the payment.

We also added instant notification to let users know if their transaction is rejected due to insufficient card balance. Easy! Just get the notification and ask for a top-up.

And the best bit? Ordering your Spendesk card is free!

Here at Spendesk, every single Spendesk employee gets a company card. We’re convinced it’s the only way to fully empower and free employees to do their best work, our Spendesk CEO Rod explains.

Are you a Spendesk user and want to order new cards?

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Spendesk flight JAN2020 landing complete! Hope you enjoy and see you next month 😉