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Business mileage tracking software

Simplify work travel with the Spendesk mileage tracking app. Ideal for growing businesses with multiple offices and organizations serving customers in remote locations.


Streamline your business travel

Automate your mileage log

Manually calculating mileage rates is time-consuming and can lead to user errors when employees try to submit mileage reports for reimbursement. Using a mileage tracker app eliminates the need for hands-on calculation and helps you track these business expenses in accordance with standardized rates and allowances.

Quickly submit expense reports

Submitting mileage expense reports by hand elongates processing time and creates unnecessary complications. Employees need to track expenses, check rates and odometer readings, and calculate reimbursements appropriately, then submit them manually for review. Automatic tracking tools keep everything digitised and make it easy to submit business miles with a few taps.

Reimburse employees with ease

Many small businesses reimburse travel expenses separately from work hours and timesheet submissions, and these extra processes can elongate employee payouts for business trips. Switching to automated mileage and expense tracking helps businesses accelerate processing and reduce employee payout times.

The 7-in-1 difference

  • 4x

    faster end-of-month closing

  • 100%

    visibility on all operational spend

  • £0

    setup & no hidden fees

  • 95%

    receipt reconciliation in just 2 days

  • Unlimited

    virtual cards, subscriptions & users

Keep finance in control of company travel spends

While travel expenses can be a normal part of daily business operations, they’re often a hassle to handle. Between mileage reports and expense reimbursement forms, it’s easy for finance teams to get bogged down while trying to make sense of travel claims, upload them into the appropriate accounting system, and pay everything out. Spendesk eliminates this tedium by automating and digitizing all travel-related expenses, including mileage tracking and reimbursement. Employees track and submit everything with the Spendesk app, which is forwarded directly to managers and controllers for fast and easy approvals.

Built for on-the-go employees

Employees hate the tedium that comes with tracking mileage and other travel expenses. Calculating trips using odometer readings isn’t intuitive, and constantly submitting mileage reports can be a huge timesink. Some employees will resort to using expense trackers and GPS tracking units to monitor their own travel, which just adds to the hassle. With Spendesk, you can eliminate all the confusion and take advantage of digitisation. Workers can track everything in real time using an app that is connected to your entire spending platform, submit claims with a few taps, and get reimbursed quickly.

Ensure accurate travel expense reports

Especially if you’re using accounting software like Quickbooks or Xero, mileage reports need to be accurate and consistent for fast and easy reporting. This is more difficult if employees are using various software tools or submission forms when submitting reimbursement claims. For small business owners, just trying to make sense of these complications might result in hours consolidating data in Excel spreadsheets to help CPAs understand the calculations. Spendesk eliminates all of that. Travel expenses are captured and collated like every other expense on the platform, so exporting to your preferred accounting software is easy and travel doesn’t need to be treated as a separate branch of your business operation.

Save time with recurrent addresses and round-trip travel

Are your employees travelling to the same destination to see customers, if so, recurrent addresses and round-trip travel can expedite the tedium and reduce the paperwork associated with submitting multiple mileage logs. Spendesk saves recurring trip and vehicle details, so submitting claims is faster than ever. The app also consolidates round-trip travel into a single expense claim, so approvers will only need to review and approve a single trip rather than multiple trip claims.

Reimburse in seconds

Spendesk consolidates all company expenses into a single platform. Approvers won’t need to track travel claims separately or log into different software tools to approve and reimburse these claims. Instead, they’re part of the regular platform that manages all company expenses, so payouts are fast and easy. Employees also won’t need to chase down approvers or work through different channels to submit claims. Mileage is tracked, submitted, and approved directly on the Spendesk mobile app.

Maximize value with other Spendesk tools

While Spendesk offers powerful mileage tracking, it’s not the only feature in your arsenal. The Spendesk platform provides all the tools you need to achieve complete spend control across your entire organization. We offer unlimited corporate cards (physical and digital), as well as budgeting tools, accounting automation, reporting options, and much more.


Spendesk definitely makes travelling very easy. I don’t need to worry about spending my own money. I know that I already have a budget in place that I can spend from, and I don’t need to worry about when the company is going to pay me back.
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Mileage tracking software FAQ

We’ve answered the most common questions about mileage tracking and the Spendesk mobile app.

Employees, independent contractors (freelancers), and self-employed individuals travelling for work and using personal vehicles will need to keep track of their mileage in order to receive reimbursement from their employer.

Depending on the type of employee and the nature of the job, these individuals may also need to track additional expenses (meals, hotels, tolls, etc.) that are eligible for reimbursement.

All of these expenses need to be submitted to the company in order to cover the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Please note that using a ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft would count as a business expense, not tracked mileage (unless you’re the rideshare driver).

While you can find several mileage tracking apps on the market (MileIQ, Triplog, Everlance, Hurdlr, etc.) which offer similar functionality to the Spendesk app, none can compare to the entire Spendesk platform.

Spendesk combines mileage tracking and expense reimbursement with other forms of spend control to help organizations better understand where their money goes and how it is spent.

By default, Spendesk can calculate rates for all EMEA markets, including HMRC (UK) and Bundesreisekostengesetz (Germany).

You can also set custom rates local to your area, but you’ll need to be sure that your rates are at or above the mandated minimum standard set by your local government.

With Spendesk, mileage report submissions are automated. Everything is submitted through the Spendesk app, which becomes visible to approvers inside the Spendesk platform.

Approvers can then review the automatic calculations provided by the app and approve the request, which is then paid out through your Spendesk account.

For round trips, Spendesk calculates the total distance of the trip, so approvers only need to approve one request for the entire trip. It’s that easy.

The Spendesk app is available on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), and it’s included for free with your Spendesk account.

You’ll also use the app for receipt capture and expense tracking if you don’t have a corporate card attached to your Spendesk account.

Streamline mileage tracking with Spendesk

Keeping track of travel has never been easier.