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Loved by finance team and employees alike

It's a seamless way to manage receipts and pay employees back for expenses. All in a beautiful and user-friendly platform!

Tailify is a social media marketing agency that uses behaviour science to get the best ROI for their clients. It also has a product called Trudy, an AI technology that companies use to get the best influencers for their campaigns. Tailify believes that influence is not just about reaching people, but about connecting with them on a deeper level.



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Adem Ismail, Accountant


Tailify’s goal: get total control over spend

Before Spendesk, Tailify’s previous spend management tool wasn’t the right fit. Receipts were constantly lost or forgotten, making it hard for the finance team to accurately track spend and claim VAT. There was no way to manage employee expenses responsibly and ensure that receipts were submitted. 

Before Spendesk

Little control over spending and receipts

Unable to claim VAT

Chasing employees for receipts

Spend management tool that didn’t fit the company’s needs

With Spendesk

Total control over company spend

Easy VAT claim with receipts

Automatically collected receipts thanks to policies

Spend management tool that suits Tailify’s needs perfectly

Accountant Adem Ismail says that Spendesk suits the company much better. As a daily user, Adem sees employees use it for everything from monthly subscription management to paying for wellness perks. 

Spendesk provides 100% visibility for Tailify’s finance team, so they know where company money is spent, and by whom, at all times.

More employees but less manual work

Tailify grew quickly over the past year, almost doubling in size. With such rapid growth, you’d expect the finance team to be burdened with a higher workload. Adem expected the same, assuming that more employees would mean more spending, more receipts, and more headaches. But with Spendesk, he was able to rest easy.

“We doubled in size in six months. You’d expect a lot of changes and issues, but with Spendesk and more employees, there was never more workload. Employees are independent using Spendesk day-to-day.”

And that’s especially impressive considering every single Tailify employee uses Spendesk! Every month, employees pay for wellness perks and other benefits such as a phone allowance, using the Spendesk platform for purchases and then uploading receipts.

“Virtual cards are a blessing”

All Tailify employees onboard with Spendesk within their first week. Adem notes that the platform is incredibly easy to figure out: “Once you learn it, it’s so user-friendly and self-explanatory. You pick it up right away.” 

And that’s a good thing because Tailify employees use virtual cards every day. For monthly subscriptions (iCloud storage, SaaS subscriptions), business travel, work-related Amazon purchases, and everything in between.

Virtual cards do double duty: they provide employees with autonomy and accountability while still letting the finance team maintain control over company spending. 

In Adem’s opinion, Spendesk provides a great balance: “Employees in charge of their own subscriptions and receipts. Finance is in control of all approvals, and to see what’s not being used.”

Convenient integrations

Adem is pleased that Spendesk integrates so seamlessly with the team’s preferred accounting tool, Xero. “One of the reasons we chose Spendesk is because of the integrations. The automatic reconciliation to Xero speeds up our month-end process.”

Spendesk also integrates with Slack and sends automatic reminders when receipts are missing. After a certain amount of time, employees are reminded via a company Slack channel to upload their receipts. Adem says it’s amazing how quickly receipts get uploaded once employees receive the public message on Slack.

Adem reckons that this Slack integration is one of the most convenient features. “When somebody sends a request, it’s so easy to just open your phone and take a look on Slack.” Finance team members can have more freedom in their workday thanks to these integrations.

Several life-changing features

Tailify makes full use of Spendesk’s all-in-one capabilities. Not only do the teams use the physical and virtual cards all the time, but they also love features like:

  • Approvals: Approving requests is incredibly easy through the desktop or phone. The app makes this especially convenient.

  • Reminders and prompts: Employees receive automatic reminders (via email or Slack) that prompt them to upload their receipts. The finance team no longer wastes time hunting down employees and chasing receipts.

  • Visibility: The finance team knows which subscriptions employees use and pay for. It’s easy to cross-reference with external records.

  • Play by the Rules: Employees’ Spendesk accounts are blocked if they don’t upload their receipts by the given deadline, or if they have too many missing receipts.

  • Bookkeeping: Integration with accounting software means the finance team can push all payments to Xero, saving untold amounts of time and energy.

  • ​​Bulk prepare payments: To code multiple expenses all to the same place, it’s simple and easy. Adem does this for all employee perks.

  • Multi-currency: Tailify employees travel around the world to meet clients, and its employees are located all over Europe. Spendesk makes managing different currencies seamless and easy.

Tailify loves that Spendesk has virtual cards, receipt capture, and company spending management all on one easy-to-use platform. The feedback from employees is unanimous: everyone loves Spendesk – especially how user-friendly the tool is. Now, they can’t imagine life without it. 

We’ve been using Spendesk for nearly two years. It’s such a big part of Tailify now!

Adem IsmailAccountant

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