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Project budget software

Create new project budgets instantly, and track actual costs without updating spreadsheets. The easiest, most intuitive budget tracking tool you’ll use. And the best way to ensure a successful project every time. Totally free.

Automate the budgeting process

Great project management software lets you forget about the busy work and focus on adding value. Your budgets update in real time, based on the documents you provide in seconds. Automate the admin to stay agile and responsive to whatever hurdles await.

Better than any budget template

Replace your complex Excel spreadsheets with automation and a simple software. Streamline your budget tracking with more intuitive, user-friendly tools that suit busy teams. Choose simple workflows and functionality that save time and make cost management a breeze.

Control costs while collaborating

The best project management tools encourage smooth collaboration. Our budgeting tool lets you share access with appropriate team members, who can easily update costs via the app. This shared effort keeps you on time and on budget.

Upload invoices & receipts

Get instant bottom-up budgets based on actual spend. Simply upload a paid invoice and your budget adjusts in real time. You’ll also see how specific project tasks impact your spending, which leads to smarter budget planning and task management next time.

Keep project costs in check

Budget overrun and scope creep are a real risk for any project. Give your project team clear parameters to work within, and keep the latest budget updates at hand at all times. No unexpected expenditures, and no nasty surprises.

See how it works

Hit your goals cost-effectively.

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I find Spendesk's UX to be very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Przemyslaw K

Commercial Operations & Analytics Manager

The UX is very user friendly and smartly designed. What I especially like about it: it's not overloaded with useless features but really focused on core functions that are needed in day-to-day work.

Sebastian M

Senior PR & Content Marketing Manager

Spendesk makes it super easy to submit expenses and has a very transparent way of tracking spending.

Brandon P

Account Executive

Spendesk is a well thought-out and very easy to use tool.

Shardene M

Head of Account Management

Spendesk makes your life easier. It makes you gain time thanks to their app, which is easy to use.

Kilian L

Store manager

It’s really simple and clear to use.

Naren A

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Small business budget software FAQ

Some of the most common questions regarding our free business budgeting tool.

Every project has a range of stakeholders, both inside and outside the company. This creates a range of costs to manage, many of which are owned by different team members.

Collaborative Budgets lets each of them submit invoices and update the project budget directly. As the project progresses and more dependencies appear, you avoid having to handle each individual cost on your own.

This makes your project budget management scalable, without any one person getting bogged down in paperwork. And crucially, you still have centralized control and can avoid any urgent issues.

The project planning phase is largely the same: you set out the project scope, contributors, milestones potential line items (expenses), and the total baseline cost in advance.

But Collaborative Budgets makes setting out each project budget quick and painless - you just follow the simple steps in the software, and don’t need any complex spreadsheets.

The biggest benefit comes through dynamic budget tracking and updating plans as the project unfolds. It’s the simplest possible method to track a budget in real time, which then lets you adjust and update at any point.

You can be even more confident in your project plans, knowing you have full visibility over spending the entire way.

Collaborative Budgets let you create and monitor as many project budgets as you need. As each new event, campaign, or other activity arises, you can quickly build a budget in just a few seconds.

You can also invite as many users as you need to collaborate with. Because these users will be different for each project, you give each team member access only to the budgets that concern them, while you keep control over them all.

This lets you trust and empower team mates to contribute and help you move quickly, but only within the right project scope.

“Projects” can mean a wide range of different things. Thankfully, Collaborative Budgets gives you a blank canvas to manage the budget you need for any kind of project. This could include:

  • Marketing campaigns: from small one-off activities, to long-term, high-impact campaigns.

  • Event budgets: both hosted events and trade shows or conferences.

  • Business travel: client meetings, team building events, and frequent trips between offices.

  • Creative projects: video or music production, podcasts, photoshoots, and workshops.

  • Software and systems upgrades: everything from the original project scoping, to RFPs from providers, to the final software costs and ongoing subscriptions.

  • Consultant and freelancer fees: often associated with strategic projects and updating company processes.

Crucially, you can create individual budgets for each project, and manage your overall department or company spend in the same tool, with no extra data entry.

Collaborative Budgets is completely free to use, whether you’re a paying Spendesk user or not. No credit card is required, and you can get started immediately.