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Free business budget software

Get intuitive budget software to create smart budgets, track expenses, and keep an eye on financial performance. It takes seconds to build each budget and invite team members to contribute. The result: a collaborative budgeting process entirely free from hassle.

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Get smart expense tracking in seconds

  • Create a budget for your business or project

    Give it a name, a timeframe, and the total amount of budget allocated. Perfect for one-off events or projects, but also the monthly or annual budget for your small business.

  • Upload an invoice or receipt

    No need to manually update spreadsheets. Just drag and drop an invoice, and our software reads the key information and updates your budget.

  • Invite your team members

    Share the workload for easier budgeting. Invite contributors to update their project or departmental spend, while you have the big picture for the whole company.

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    Update as you go

    1/3 of budgets go to waste. Based on real-time expense tracking, you can update your company strategy and allocate resources quickly and effectively.

Create a high-performing budgeting process

Budget planning and management usually involves complex Excel files, piles of paper invoices and receipts, and lots of wasted time. Our budgeting software solution lets you spend less time in the books, and more time building a successful business.

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Focus on business needs, not budgets

Most business leaders have more important things to do than balance budgets. So the less time spent in spreadsheets, the better. Automate the financial management parts of the job, and focus most on the strategies that help you grow in a competitive, complex market.

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Better than any budget template

Excel spreadsheets are a wonderful tool, but they quickly become out of date and full of errors. Automate your expense management and data entry and you never have to stress about the state of your budgets. A quick snap of your invoice or credit card receipt is all it takes to track expenses and update your records.

Delegate and concentrate

Startup CEOs and founders shouldn’t waste time monitoring every marketing, IT, or travel expense. You need the overall cash flow situation, while budget managers should have their eyes on the individual purchases. Collaborative Budgets gives them the tools they need to stay on track, while you get the bigger picture.

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Keep control while collaborating

Sharing the workload doesn’t mean sacrificing control. For small business owners and budget managers, keeping a firm grasp on spending is critical. Employees can only update the budgets they’re assigned to, and real-time updates mean you always know exactly what’s been spent.

Small business budget software FAQ

Some of the most common questions regarding our free business budgeting tool.

Collaborative Budgets makes sense for businesses of all sizes, but in different ways. For very small businesses and startups, this is the best business budgeting software to handle on-the-go costs, subscriptions, and collect all your invoices and credit card receipts.

For larger businesses, Collaborative Budgets is a wonderful tool in your project management arsenal. You already have an ERP and forecasting software to handle the financial big picture. Our tool is ideal for individual budget owners to track their projects and stay on-budget.

This is the ideal software option to handle:

  • One-off projects or standalone programs outside of your core products and services

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Event costs - both to run and attend

  • Paid advertising

  • IT costs, including SaaS subscriptions (which often get lost)

  • Freelancers, consultants, and other external costs

This is the perfect budget management software to share with non-finance budget owners who need control and visibility over their team members’ spend, but who aren’t always comfortable with financial data and bookkeeping.

Effective business budgeting requires a healthy mix of control and trust. Your teams need to spend efficiently, without going beyond limits or taking risks.

Collaborative Budgets shows them what’s available to spend and makes them responsible for receipts and invoices. This saves the budget owner administrative time and energy, and empowers contributors with a stake in the company’s financial fitness.

And ultimately, the budget owner has real-time insight into what’s spent, so can make quick decisions if necessary. Without good collaboration, they don’t have this insight.

Excel spreadsheets are excellent when used correctly. But most employees lack the financial and statistical expertise to do so. They’re always better off with more intuitive, user-friendly tools.

Spreadsheets also present a conundrum when shared. Either you give full input to users, but then you lack control and can’t easily see who made changes. Or you limit access only to the budget owner, but then all the administrative lies with them.

Collaborative Budgets gives access to the right people for the right budgets. You know who uploads each invoice, so you always know who impacts your budgets. And you can tailor access to the right people for the right projects.

Cloud-based tools like Xero, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, and more are excellent small business accounting options. You almost certainly need a good accounting software.

But as with all financial management tools, they’re best suited to finance professionals. Your team leads and individual budget owners won’t have the expertise (or access) to use them effectively.

Collaborative Budgets is a user-friendly way to simplify expense oversight and collect proofs of purchase, so your accountants have all the data they need at the end of the month.

Financial planning and cash flow forecasting takes too long for most small business owners. You don’t have the complexity required for a full finance and FP&A team, but it still takes time to collect documents, categorize payments, consolidate bank accounts, update the balance sheet, and complete your financial reporting.

Collaborative Budgets places much of this work on your frontline staff, in a safe, adaptive workflow. Team leads oversee the day-to-day, and all staff have ownership over their invoices and costs. This takes the grunt work off your finance team’s hands (or the CEO’s), so they can focus on the business performance management they’re specialized in.

Collaborative Budgets is free to use, and you can create as many budgets and accounts as your small business needs. You can also add additional users to each project as required.

You don’t need to be a paying Spendesk customer, but we’re here any time you’d like to talk about more comprehensive spend management - everything from company cards, to invoice processing, to business-wide budgeting.

3,500 companies love Spendesk

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I find Spendesk's UX to be very intuitive and easy to navigate.

Przemyslaw K

Commercial Operations & Analytics Manager

The UX is very user friendly and smartly designed. What I especially like about it: it's not overloaded with useless features but really focused on core functions that are needed in day-to-day work.

Sebastian M

Senior PR & Content Marketing Manager

Spendesk makes it super easy to submit expenses and has a very transparent way of tracking spending.

Brandon P

Account Executive

Spendesk is a well thought-out and very easy to use tool.

Shardene M

Head of Account Management

Spendesk makes your life easier. It makes you gain time thanks to their app, which is easy to use.

Kilian L

Store manager

It’s really simple and clear to use.

Naren A

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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