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Marketing budget software

Track marketing spending at the team, campaign, or project level. Update actual spend by taking a photo of each receipt, and keep the budget up to date at all times. Get started and create your first budget in seconds!

Supercharge your marketing strategy

The best marketing plans are dynamic, updated quickly based on actual results. Our budgeting tool helps you easily track spend and keep your budget up to date, without endless data entry. Put your time to better use and focus on the marketing strategies that’ll help your business grow.

Keep visibility over all marketing spend

Get a quick overview of all marketing team projects, and dive deep into individual projects to see where the money goes. The perfect tool to track marketing campaigns in real time, see your budget allocation in granular detail, and see how spending impacts your marketing efforts on a larger level.

Manage budgets as a team

The CMO or budget manager is ultimately responsible for spend, but teamwork makes it faster and easier. Create specific budgets, invite the relevant collaborators to submit expenses, and stop chasing your colleagues at the end of every month. More efficient and effective than any spreadsheet.

Better than any spreadsheet

Most marketing teams have a suite of automation tools and software, but still rely on manually updated Excel sheets to track their spend. This effort takes you away from creative work and marketing strategy, and prevents you from adding maximum value. Forget the rows and columns, and use this intuitive budget management tool instead.

Track any type of marketing budget

Monitor one-off events, business travel, ongoing marketing activities, and even your annual marketing budget with ease. Our collaborative budget software takes any invoice or receipt and helps you assign it to the right budget(s) instantly. No data entry, and no hassle.

See how it works

Hit your goals cost-effectively.

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I find Spendesk's UX to be very intuitive and easy to navigate.

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Spendesk makes it super easy to submit expenses and has a very transparent way of tracking spending.

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Spendesk is a well thought-out and very easy to use tool.

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Spendesk makes your life easier. It makes you gain time thanks to their app, which is easy to use.

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It’s really simple and clear to use.

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Marketing budgets software FAQ

Common questions about the budgeting process for marketing teams.

Most marketing activities involve costs, either directly (such as paid advertisements), or through software costs and team salaries. A fully itemized annual budget should include all of these.

But you should also have unique budgets for your marketing departments and individual strategies. Classic marketing channels and activities include:

  • Email marketing, which includes tools (like Mailchimp, HubSpot or Sendinblue), newsletter sponsorships, and salaries.

  • Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), which often involves SaaS tools (like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Wordpress), freelancers, salaries, consultants’ fees.

  • Public relations (PR), which might involve paying for awards or sponsored speaking engagements, and agency fees.

  • Social media, which includes paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (among others), and the cost of creating content.

  • Content creation, which can be everything from simple event flyers, to blog or website copy, to artful videos and glossy images.

  • Events, which cost both to travel to and present at. Plus you’ll need merch and bodies to attend.

  • Marketing automation and performance tracking. Setting up your CRM, creating workflows, monitoring metrics, and building benchmarks against other companies all cost time and money.

You could create individual budgets for each of these, and then even one-off budgets for specific campaigns. The best outcome is to be able to automatically combine all of this spend and see the bigger picture, without endless copy/pasting and moving between spreadsheets.

As above, almost all marketing activities require money. And your ability to accurately monitor your budgets and deploy them well helps ensure you’ll receive further investment in the future. So at a broad level, if you can prove that the investment was worth it, you’ll get more budget next time around. And that requires diligent resource management.

But overall good performance also requires you to adjust your plans quickly when a marketing channel or initiative isn’t effective. Real-time budgeting lets you pivot quickly away from risky bets, and double down on what’s working.

Thus, you can reach your marketing goals in the most cost-effective way possible, and use what you’ve learned to inform your next strategy session.

Excel and Google Sheets are without doubt one of the best pieces of management software ever created. But not everyone enjoys using them, and they take time to master. And particularly when working with fast-moving creative teams, spreadsheets quickly become inaccurate or out of date.

The beauty of Collaborative Budgets is it’s designed to be foolproof for everyone involved. It provides the high-level oversight and control that CMOs and budget owners need, while other collaborators can simply upload their receipts and carry on.

Particularly in startups and small businesses, where project management is often a work in progress, intuitive budgeting tools are a lifesaver.

Collaborative Budgets is completely free to use. You don’t need a company Spendesk account, but we’re here to talk about more comprehensive spend management any time.