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Smart, Safe & Controlled Company Cards

Thursday 10th August, 11:00am - 11:30am BST

Take control of spend, make informed decisions and focus on strategic tasks like budgeting and forecasting.

What you'll learn:

How Spendesk provides complete visibility over who spent what and why
Efficiencies around receipt capture with 98% handed in accurately and on time
Full control over all aspects of operational spend

Trusted and used by 4000+ finance teams and employees!

Meet Our Speakers

Cian O Scolai

Account Executive, Spendesk

Cian O Scolai

Cian O Scolai is a valued Account Executive at Spendesk, with two years of experience in driving business growth and fostering strong client relationships within the spend management space.

Emily Burke

Customer Success Manager

Emily Burke

Emily is a Customer Success Manager at Spendesk with expertise in onboarding, proactive support, and relationship building. Emily is committed to helping businesses achieve their goals through the seamless implementation of Spendesk.

What customers are saying:

Our operations team works with many small suppliers on a daily basis and often has to settle payments in advance. Without the physical Spendesk cards, this would not be possible.

Carolina PadillaTeam Lead Accounts Payable

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Each live demo focuses on a different module of the Spendesk platform. Our product specialists will show how Spendesk drives efficiencies within finance teams and allows focus back to strategic tasks.

Yes, however, the recording will not be available external to Spendesk. If you wish to see the platform in more detail or recap specific sections, please book a demo here.

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