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Webinar Recording

Boost Efficiency: Streamline your HR and Finance Processes

Watch Lyes Bekalti, Head of FP&A at Spendesk, and Joe Jolly, People Business Partner at Personio, unpack strategies for fostering a strong collaboration between HR and finance to drive business success.

From this webinar recording, you will gain expert perspectives on overcoming the hurdles that often divide these essential functions. From navigating common challenges to demonstrating the tangible impact of your roles, our speakers will arm you with practical solutions to streamline processes and optimise efficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the dynamics between finance and HR teams at Spendesk and Personio.

  • Unpack common pain points faced by both functions

  • Gain actionable insights on how to tackle function alignment issues

  • Live demo of Spendesk's new HR integration feature

Best suited for:

  • Finance professionals

  • HR professionals

Our panel of experts

Lyes Bekalti

Head of FP&A, Spendesk

Lyes Bekalti


Joe Jolly

People Business Partner, Personio

Joe Jolly


Matthew Forrest (Moderator)

Senior Product Manager, Spendesk

Matthew Forrest (Moderator)


What you can expect

  • Actionable insights

    Practical solutions to common challenges that can be implemented into your existing strategy.

  • Engaging live polls

    Polls throughout the session to keep the conversation dynamic and tailored to the audience

  • Demo and Q&A

    See the benefits of seamless integration with a live demo of Spendesk and Personio's integration, followed by a Q&A.

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