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Terms and conditions – "1 month free offer"

1. Validity

This limited offer is valid from March 9, 2020 until July 31, 2020 included.

2. Offer

As Spendesk is billing its clients on a monthly basis, this offer will result in a free first month of billing, with a minimum of 30 days free, up to 60 days. This billing period starts with the first load of any amount of money on the Spendesk platform by your company.

3. Conditions

To benefit from this limited offer, your company needs to submit a complete application to open a Spendesk account. There may be delays in creating your company's account, but any full application submitted before July 31, 2020, will benefit from the offer.

4. Restrictions

This offer cannot be used at the same time as any other discount offer or with a Startup package.

5. Eligibility

Your company must not already have used Spendesk or be a current customer. For example, this offer is not applicable for a new wallet or a new entity.

6. Actions

No action on your part is necessary to redeem your free month: Spendesk will ensure all customers that fill the above conditions automatically benefit from this offer. Spendesk reserves the right not to apply the offer if your company did not submit a full application within the timeframe of the offer.undefined

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