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Prepaid cards for businesses

Equip your teams with secure prepaid cards. Re-imagine the on-the-go spending experience with smarter company cards.


Set individual budgets on prepaid cards

Grant employees a personal budget on their prepaid card to perform field purchases. They always know what's permitted and can stay on-budget easily.

Customise settings and create rules

Set specific time slots, days of the week, and expense categories as allowed per employee. Activate and deactivate the cash withdrawal option in a single click.

Connect via the mobile application

Employees can easily see their card balance, top up, get their PIN, and be notified post-payment to add purchase information and receipts.

Track all payments in real time

Instantly see consolidated online spending in the payments interface. Stay up to date on budgets and detect unusual transactions.

Prepaid cards improve the entire spending process

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Olivier Dorison Accounting Manager @Onepark

Aaron Townsend Financial Controller @ Habito


When you’re out of the office, traveling for work, visiting customers, or at a business lunch, you can pay easily and efficiently.


Track your team’s spending in real time and approve any top-up requests if needed. Consolidate online and offline spending to keep track of budgets, and avoid reviewing paper expense reports.

Finance & Accounting

Use spend data to improve bookkeeping processes, avoid manual tasks and stop chasing after people. Your month-end closing has never been so quick.


The most frequently asked questions and common misconceptions about business prepaid cards.

A prepaid card gives the user access to a limited pot of money loaded onto it in advance, like a gift card. In practice, the cards work just like credit cards and can be used to buy goods and services from any merchant, in-store or online. But unlike company credit cards, every employee can have their own prepaid card, and the finance team can easily control all payments from a central dashboard.

While prepaid consumer cards exist, business prepaid cards come with added security and budget controls, and help companies track every payment their team makes. This makes the spend management simple for companies, which would otherwise have to track individual credit card payments and receipts across the whole organisation.

Unlike corporate credit cards, prepaid cards are in the name of each individual user. This makes tracking payments and team budgets simple, because the finance team can always see who makes every purchase. They also come with mobile apps to collect receipts, and cloud-based software that lets users check their balance and request funds any time.

Every payment needs approval from a manager, which makes prepaid business cards more secure and easier to manage than credit cards.

How do you get a prepaid business Mastercard in the UK?

Are prepaid cards safe?

Prepaid Mastercards are issued by providers with specific licences in the UK. Spendesk issues prepaid business Mastercards to companies who sign up and use its services. So to get a prepaid Mastercard for your business, you need to book a demo with Spendesk (link at the top of the page) and become a customer.

Prepaid cards are significantly more safe and secure for companies than traditional corporate credit cards. Because they're prepaid, there's a set limit to the amount that can be spent, determined by the company. There is no credit facility, so users can never go over-budget.

Business prepaid cards are also issued in the name of each user, rather than the CEO or company. So every purchase is tracked to the exact spender. Every transaction also requires approval from a manager, either on a rolling basis for small amounts, or based on a request from the spender. So no unapproved purchases can take place using a prepaid card.

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