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Accounts payable software

Streamline the AP process with invoice automation, approval workflows, and complete control over the entire invoicing lifecycle. No more manual processes. Save days every month with simple, secure accounts payable software.



It’s very easy for people with no finance knowledge to grab a supplier invoice and upload it to Spendesk. And then it follows the same process as every other purchase. The budget owner reviews and approves it, it’s assigned to the right budget, and the employee can track its progress through the whole way.


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Automate accounts payable

Save hours every month

Manual processes are time-consuming and subtract value from the business. Automated AP reduces processing costs and frees your team to do more important work than pushing paper.

Accurate, real-time data

A paperless AP process makes invoice management faster and more accurate. Minimize human error and ensure your financial data is always up to date.

Complete your digital transformation

Other business processes have gone digital, but accounts payable may be holding you back. AP automation software closes the loop to decentralize your financial management stack.

Eliminate data entry with AP automation

Accounts payable automation lets you submit and approve purchase orders and invoices digitally, for faster processing and better tracking. Employees submit purchase requests in sections, and finance or procurement teams can approve and pay just as quickly. OCR software reads invoices and extracts key details, saving even more time and removing human error.

Get real-time business intelligence

Waiting for the month-end makes it impossible to work strategically. Finance leaders need to know what they're spending, and why, to deploy resources more effectively. Accounts payable software shows you all committed spend, no matter where in the lifecycle a payment is. Don't want until bank reconciliation time to truly know where company money has gone. Stay up to date in real time.

Ensure smooth cash flow

The ability to spend easily while under control is critical to company growth. Process roadblocks only slow your team down, and don't actually help you mitigate risk. Accounts software solutions keep the supply chain moving, without sacrificing any control. Employees take ownership, you pay vendors on time, and finance always has one hand on the steering wheel.

Automate approval workflows

Empowering teams doesn't mean sacrificing control or visibility. Automate and track all managerial approvals, and keep a clear audit trail for every invoice paid. Pre-approve certain vendors, or automatically validate payments up to a certain limit. When a manager's approval is needed, they are notified by email, Slack, or mobile phone. They have everything they need - including the original invoice - to make a quick, informed decision.

Was unsere Kunden sagen

Lesen Sie hier, warum mehr als 3.500 CFOs, Buchhalter und Controller Spendesk vertrauen.

  • " Ich habe noch nie so einen guten Kundenservice erlebt. Und es kommen ständig neue Funktionen hinzu oder die bestehenden werden verbessert. "

  • " Der Anteil fehlender Rechnungen bei uns ist von 50 auf 5 Prozent gesunken - ohne, dass ich meinen Kollegen hinterherrennen muss. Spendesk spart mir unheimlich viel Zeit. "

  • " Ich sehe jetzt in Echtzeit, wo das Geld ausgegeben wird. Und ich muss nicht mehr die Firmenkreditkarte verleihen. Was für eine Erleichterung! "

  • " Spendesk ist eine geniale Möglichkeit, Reisekosten und alle Spesen im Blick zu behalten. Es macht mein Leben wirklich einfacher. "

  • " Spendesk ist das perfekte Werkzeug, um die Ausgaben von Teams und Reisenden zu kontrollieren. Durch Spendesk sind mehr als 99% unserer Belege verfügbar und es ist wirklich benutzerfreundlich. "

  • " Wir wollen uns nicht mit der manuellen Dateneingabe und der Suche nach Belegen beschäftigen, sondern mit strategischen Prozessen – und das ermöglicht uns Spendesk. "

Add accounts payable software to your digital finance stack

Save precious time. Never lose receipts.

Secure payments
Clever company cards, expenses and invoice management.
Powerful software
Track payments, manage approvals and control employee spending.
Awesome automation
98% receipt collection, automated accounting and expense reports.