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Do you need help with business travel management and expenses? Spendesk is an all-in-one spend management platform that makes it easy to pay for trips and track all corporate travel spending.


The 7-in-1 difference

  • 4x Faster

    month-end close

  • 100% Visibility

    on all company spend

  • $0 Set-up Cost

    no hidden fees

  • > 95% Receipts

    captured on time

  • Unlimited Cards

    virtual and physical

Spendesk & Side-by-side comparison

Pay for travel, accommodation, and incidentals through one simple spend management solution.

Secure online payments
Pre-approval for employee payments
Pay on the road
Smart debit cards with built-in rules
Mobile app for Android & iOS
Digital invoice management
Process & pay bills digitally
Approval workflows for orders from employees
Manage travel expenses
Additional travel expenses

All company spend in one tool

Spendesk combines paperless expense reports with digital invoice management and smart payment tools
such as virtual & physical debit cards.

  • Approval and policies
  • Team budgets
  • Invoice payment
  • Expense tracking
  • Virtual & physical cards
  • Spending reports
  • Pre-accounting automation

Easy corporate travel

For most companies, the hardest part of managing travel is money: knowing who has the company credit card, and how to pay while on the road. Spendesk solves both of these challenges. Any employee can pay safely and securely online or in-store, and Spendesk's travel cards give them a company card without any risk. Finance teams can trust their teams to follow the rules, and travellers can focus on closing the deal or networking at the conference.

Virtual debit cards for secure travel bookings

Employees can use virtual debit cards to pay securely for flights, trains, and accommodation. They can have single-use cards for one-off payments, or companies can create subscription cards for their most common platforms like Uber, AirBnb, and Virtual cards are the best alternative to booking business trips with corporate credit cards, as the details are never shared and can't be stolen.

Expense tracking automation

Spendesk makes employee expense management easier for users, and safer for the company. Employees have a clear process to create and submit expense reports. They make a request in the app, their manager approves, and they receive a reimbursement directly from Spendesk. No more Excel files or emails, and no more waiting for payroll run to get paid back.

Digital accounting

Gone are the days when finance teams had to hunt for receipts at the end of the month. Spendesk automatically reminds employees to upload receipts. We also automate the reading of VAT and the mapping of G/L accounts and receipts using OCR technology. Link your data with software solutions such as DATEV, Xero, Netsuite or Sage thanks to integrations and customizable exports. Thanks to the continuously updated dashboard, you have real-time access to all payments and receipts and maintain a complete overview.

How Spendesk makes life easier at Mention Me

"Spendesk has made my life literally a thousand times easier.”


The most frequently asked questions about Spendesk & Lola.

What is Lola?

Lola is a business travel management platform which helps companies manage corporate travel. It lets companies centralize the booking process: employees can select the flights and accommodation they prefer, and managers can then approve these choices directly within the platform.

The platform also presents discounts and savings thanks to exclusive partnerships with suppliers. So businesses using Lola can expect to save money on corporate travel.

The overall aim is to streamline and simplify the travel booking process, and to offer employees an experience similar to the one they use in their private lives.

What are some alternatives?

The best known business travel management platforms include Travelperk, Tripactions, Rydoo, and Egencia. These are dedicated travel management software solutions - direct competitors. For companies that need comprehensive travel booking tools that help you find deals, choose the best suppliers, and book quickly, these are great options.

For many companies, payments are the biggest issue with corporate travel. In this case, you need spend management tools that offer safe, secure payment functionality. These tools - including Spendesk - let you pay for travel with the same software solutions and cards you use for SaaS subscriptions, business lunches, and any other non-payroll spending.

If you need to pay easily and save time for your finance team in the process, tools like Spendesk are your best bet.

Does Spendesk have a mobile app?

Yes, Spendesk has a mobile app for iPhone and Android, as well as desktop and browser apps. Combined, these let Spendesk users monitor and control spending from anywhere.

The mobile app is particularly useful for corporate travel. Employees on the road can log expenses, request top-ups on their expense cards, and snap photos of receipts immediately - before they get lost. They can even check their PIN number.

Managers and finance teams can approve requests instantly, and all spend is logged in real time in Spendesk.

Where is Spendesk available?

Spendesk is available for companies in the European Economic Area (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and in the United States.

Users can create their wallets with currencies in Euro (€), US Dollar ($), Pound (£), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK) and Swedish Krone (SEK).

Does Spendesk have customer service where I can speak to a real person?

Yes! You can reach our customer support by email (, and arrange to speak to the team by phone. Our staff in Germany (Berlin), France (Paris) the United Kingdom (London), and the United States (San Francisco) will be happy to help you, free of charge of course.

Are Spendesk cards secure?

Spendesk cards are far more secure than traditional corporate credit cards. First, teams can use virtual cards to book travel. These single-use cards are only valid for one purchase, and only with the supplier stated in the request. Once the card is used, team members need to request new cards if they need to spend more. So hacked card details are never an issue.

Second, Spendesk physical cards can be frozen instantly from the mobile app or by the account admin. So unlike a lost credit card, there's no risk that thieves will run up charges before the card is found or cancelled.

Finally, finance teams can see all company spending in real time, in one place. So any unusual activity is easy to spot, and each charge carries the name of the person who made it. Companies can trust their teams, knowing that few serious issues can occur - whether intentional or accidental.

Does Spendesk offer customer support?

The ability to fix problems easily is important, especially while travelling. Not only does Spendesk offer user-friendly travel spending options that anyone can use easily, but its customer success team is available to help you solve any payment issue quickly.

Spendesk's teams in France, Germany, the UK, and the USA provide tailored customer support based on your team's needs. Your account manager ensures that the platform is set up, with your custom travel policies and approval workflows. And the support teams respond to issues quickly, to make sure you have access to company funds when you really need them.

that few serious issues can occur - whether intentional or accidental.

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Last updated: 4 October, 2021